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Chicago ArchAngels
1446 W. Wellington Ave
United States of America
+1 (773) 857-0996
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The Chicago ArchAngels is a preferred provider of risk capital for early stage and seed stage companies in the Midwest and around the country. We accept companies through a referral process within our network, and we cover a wide range of industries. Past presenters have included innovative start ups in medical devices, health care, health care information technology, digital technology, manufacturing, green technology, clean energy, financial services, education, consumer products and other industries.

Our focus is on innovative companies that we expect to achieve technological proof of concept and customer validation within 18 months of presentation. Ideally, companies are seeking between $500,000 and $3 million in their current round.

Chicago ArchAngels members add value with their business and entrepreneurial experience. Most members have national or international business experience. The Chicago ArchAngels also collaborates with many other angel groups, accelerators, and incubators for referrals and reviews.

At regular monthly meetings, members hear presentations from three companies, most of which have global potential.

As the group grows, the Chicago ArchAngels is adding programs and initiatives, such as the Capital Raise Workshop. The workshop is aimed at the management teams of early stage companies that are preparing for a capital raise, or are already engaged in a capital raise. The periodic, one day intensive program includes pitch review. Through expert instruction from angel investors and a fund manager, the participants will leave with an investor's point of view on term sheets, valuation, and due diligence, along with individual mentoring.

Through this comprehensive approach, the Chicago ArchAngels improves the likelihood of success for both companies and investors.

The Chicago ArchAngels is an affiliate of the Washington DC ArchAngels, and it started operations in February 2012. Michael Best & Friedrich LLP is the meeting sponsor and lead advisor.

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