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Chairman & CEO, Fischer Medical Technologies Inc
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About Fischer Medical Technologies

Fischer Medical Technologies designs, manufactures and markets leading edge medical systems in breast imaging, breast biopsy and electrophysiology stimulation. Fischer Medical Technologies' roots go back to 1910, when H.G. Fischer, the oldest manufacturer of X-ray imaging devices in the United States, began its operation in Chicago, IL. Since then, the reputation and name of the company have evolved and gained worldwide recognition by leveraging technology that has brought to market such innovations as the Traumex (VersaRad), the Bloom DTU-215 Stimulator, Bi Plane Electrophysiology imaging systems, the SenoScan FFDM systems and the Mammotest stereotactic breast biopsy system.

Fischer's History with the Bloom Electrophysiology Stimulator

Fischer has manufactured and serviced the Bloom Stimulator since its acquisition of Bloom from Murray Bloom in 1992 - The Bloom Stimulator has been the market leader in electrophysiology stimulators from its introduction in the late 1970s. Today, the same team in Colorado continues to provide the highest level of quality and support as well as continuing development of the new Bloom2 stimulator that was exhibited at HRS (Heart Rhythm Society conference) and the AFIB meeting (Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium) in January 2013. The new Bloom2 stimulator builds on the Bloom reputation as the gold standard in stimulators.

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