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Government of Israel Economic Mission to the Mid West
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The Israeli Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy, operates over 40 Economic Missions around the world based in countries that are primary trade partners with Israel.  The U.S., Israel’s largest trade partner, is home to 5 such Missions, with one housed at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., and the others divided in regions of the country: Northeast (New York City), Midwest (Chicago), South (Houston), West (San Francisco).

Based in Chicago, the Midwest office covers a 13-state region, including:

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin

The Israeli Foreign Trade Administration is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel and promoting Israel’s international business exchange. Each Economic Missions throughout the world exists as a gateway between local companies, organizations, and government agencies with relevant counterparts in Israel.  By spreading the Missions in regions across the country, each office is able to tailor its efforts to best suit regional needs.

The Missions’ primary objectives are the promotion of trade and exportation, initiating and maintaining trade agreements for the improvement of Israel’s trade conditions, attracting and encouraging foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies, organizations and government agencies.


  • Promoting collaboration between Israeli and U.S. companies in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, clean energy, food, homeland security, IT, water technology, and wine.
  • Engaging the Midwest business community with opportunities from Israel, including information about the general economy, specific sectors, or specific companies.
  • Encouraging foreign investment in Israeli companies, and identifying Israeli entities and companies which are open to adding a U.S. footprint or developing R&D or other strategic cooperation.
  • Assisting the Israeli business community by providing business information and contacts through an extensive database of businesses in the Midwest from a variety of economic sectors.

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