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MATH Venture Partners
222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza
Suite 1212 c/o 1871
United States of America
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Bio/Company Profile:

We are the investors that we wished we had – and sometimes did – on our own journeys to build great companies. 

We are experienced entrepreneurs that have lived through the pain, suffering, agony, and sleep deprivation to push through to the next big milestone. We know what it feels like to be on the brink of personal and financial ruin.  And, we know what it takes to push through those challenges and get to the other side. We identify, and we identify with, the teams that have the drive, focus, and passion to succeed. 

We are the proud partners of entrepreneurs. We are the champion, the cheerleader, the teacher, and the coach.  We ask tough, challenging questions. Then, we use every skill, every tool, and every contact to help discover the best path forward. We offer a hand up when things are down, and we raise our glass when things go right.

We are innovation hounds, not invention hunters. We love the better mousetrap more than the untested, shiny new. We look for efficiency, not massive long bets on future wins.

Technology entrepreneurs to our core, we founded MATH Ventures for digital entrepreneurs who are as passionate about the “why” of their companies as they are about the “how.” To us, that “why” holds the code to unlocking strategies for customer acquisition, service, and sales. Want us to follow you up that mountain? Talk about those things all day long. Here’s a hint - most entrepreneurs never talk to us about customer acquisition and their sales strategy – and we really care about sales.

We believe a great product without customers is not a business – it’s just a great product.   

We walk that walk every day, too, because our Limited Partners are our customers. We want them, like our portfolio companies, to benefit from our more than three decades of working in the trenches, and from our central, leadership position at the heart of a thriving entrepreneurial community. Our hard-earned pattern recognition allows us to identify the special entrepreneurs in our robust pipeline who believe, like we do, that the bond with their shareholders and customers is both sacred and the ticket to the top.

We are MATH Venture Partners.  Let’s go build something great together. 


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