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MedAware was initiated following a tragic case of a nine-year-old boy who died because his primary-care physician accidentally prescribed the wrong drug. Sadly, this case is not uncommon. Prescription errors are estimated to cause the premature injury and death of more than 200,000 patients every year in the United States alone.

MedAware was founded in 2012 by an expert team with extensive background in business, information technology and clinical practice, primarily in order to tackle the huge problem of prescription errors.  It is inconceivable that a child’s life can be lost because of a click of a button. MedAware’s goal is to ensure that such cases will never happen again.

By identifying and preventing prescription errors in real-time, MedAware’s solution saves lives, improves patient safety and significantly reduces healthcare costs resulting from prescription errors and adverse drug events. MedAware targets healthcare providers, pharmacy benefit management companies, as well as pharmacy chains.

MedAware provides innovative solutions that save lives, improve patient safety and significantly reduce healthcare costs, by identifying and preventing prescription errors in real-time. 

In the US alone, preventable prescription errors are estimated to cause the premature death of between 200,000 and 400,000 patients annually, with a direct cost of more than $21B. Out of the 4 billion medical prescriptions that are written up annually in the US, 8 million contain life threatening errors.

The currently available solutions for alerting and preventing prescription errors are focused mainly on drug interactions, dosages and allergies. These solutions detect only a fraction of the actual errors and suffer from a high false-alarm rate, leading to “alert fatigue”. 

MedAware’s patent-pending technology uses big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze large scale data of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), to learn automatically how physicians treat patients in real life scenarios. Prescriptions largely deviating from the spectrum of standard treatment patterns are flagged as potential errors with high specificity and low "alert fatigue". 

MedAware offers a range of alerting and risk management decision support tools, targeted at improving patients’ safety and healthcare quality.


Elimination of Prescription Errors, Big Data, Clinical Data Analytics, Patient Safety, Clinical Decision Support

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