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Tel Aviv-Yafo
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Founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv, the innovation capital of Israel Perflow Medical Ltd. is a startup whose cutting-edge braid design technologies are paving the way for next-generation Neurovascular treatments for stroke and other debilitating conditions. Based on the patented CEREBRAL NET™ technological Platform, Perflow devices give physicians a new level of real-time control over size, placement and radial force, thereby improving safety, performance and usability.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create an innovative and successful medical device company that develops state of the art products which present substantial competitive advantages over existing solutions. We will strive to integrate our team capabilities of ideation, planning and execution to present the world with new medical products that provide superior modalities to treat neurovascular disorders.


Mission Statement

Perflow is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing the highest quality neuro-vascular interventional products in an effort to provide the best possible patient clinical results. We will strive to provide superior service and products to Physicians, patients and medical centers, while building an innovative medical device company.

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