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Third Eye Health
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Our goal is to extend the reach of health care providers and other experts, providing them a “Third Eye” to offer their expertise anywhere it can be of value via a secure, HIPAA-compliant, mobile platform for sharing video, audio and data in real-time, using smart devices and wearable computers, including hands-free wearables, like Google Glass and Vuzix. 
A “Skype” for the unique needs of health care, if you will. We started in health care for a variety of reasons: this is our area of expertise, because of HIPAA and HiTech regulations, it is the most difficult area to build secure solutions and it is the area where we can make the most impact by helping patients. 

We were living “fat and happy” working in secure jobs in health care technology, when we tried on Google Glass for the first time. Immediately, we saw the implications to transform health care by allowing providers to communicate while their ‘heads and hands’ were doing the important work. We quit our jobs to pursue full time, and here we are…. 

We were inspired by our experience with Google Glass and as we went out to health care providers, we realized that Google Glass is a great solution but not right for everyone, so we created a private, secure platform to enable health care providers to conduct real-time consultations from inside and outside health care facilities, including in emergency medical services vehicles and patients’ homes, using whichever device or wearable makes the most sense for the situation. 

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